USB: Freedom for Pablo Hasel

Nazionale -

USB expresses solidarity with Pablo Hasel and the other artists who have suffered repression, and calls for their immediate release.

It is fundamental to express solidarity at this moment, especially in the face of the strong mobilisations that are taking place, both in the cities of Spain and in the universities.
The images of the violent raid by the Catalan police inside the university of Lleida to take away the communist and independentist rapper Pablo Hasel have gone around the world, together with the images of the response of the students and solidarity activists in a garrison to denounce his arrest.
The Spanish judiciary has sentenced him to more than nine months on charges of 'apologia for terrorism' and 'insulting the Monarchy and the institutions of the State' just for expressing his dissent to the post-Franco monarchy of the Bourbons and the policies of the Spanish state in the lyrics of his songs.
We join in the solidarity shown by the thousands of people who took to the streets throughout Spain and the WFTU to firmly demand the release of Pablo Hasel, in defence of freedom of expression and democracy!

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