USB expresses solidarity with George Floyd's family and those who fight against barbarism In the anniversary of Soumaila Sacko murdered

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USB joins the campaign launched by the WFTU to support the struggles of the U.S. people

The popular struggle that broke out a week ago in the United States after the cold-blooded murder of 47-year-old African-American worker George Floyd by the Minneapolis police continues and repression by the government and police intensifies. Hundreds of thousands of americans have taken to the streets to protest the state barbarism and racist violence of repressive forces.

Despite the protests, the government is intensifying threats to the masses and is offering "more military means if governors and mayors need them and cannot control the situation. Once again capitalists and their governments show that the lives of ordinary people are worthless.

The class unions must now be at the forefront of the struggle for social justice, equality, against state oppression. We respond to the call of the WFTU, every self-respecting trade unionist, to support the people's struggle in the United States. We call for an immediate end to police violence. The unemployed and the poor must be supported. The murderers of African Americans must be punished.

We will stand shoulder to shoulder with the American people, remembering Soumaila Sacko, even two years after his murder. Somalia was one of our militants, delegate, immigrant, laborer, black, killed with a shot in the head by Antonio Pontoriero in the former furnace La Tranquilla in San Calogero, while looking for sheet metal to build a makeshift shelter for other laborers. He had a regular residence permit. But if he hadn't met on his way the murderous fury that considered "his stuff" that land used by the mafias as a dump for poisons, today he would have been condemned to invisibility like hundreds of thousands of farm workers, under the security decrees still in force. And he would be in the front line in the fight against the exploitation of the labourers and for the regularization of the invisible.

Because Soumaila was a trade union delegate of USB, and in order not to let his political and civil legacy fall into nothing, the USB gave life in the plain of Gioia Tauro to the Soumaila Sacko counter, active in the defense of workers' rights.

From the United States to Italy, so that no one will forget George Floyd and Soumaila Sacko, the struggles for rights and dignity and the many other victims of exploitation and racism.

USB international department

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