Another worker killed for profit during the national logistics strike. Time for a united fight

Nazionale -
Another logistics unionist has been killed while demonstrating during the general strike in the sector called by SiCobas, USB, Adl and other unionism organisations after the attack on Zampieri in Lodi.

Adil, the coordinator of the Novara SiCobas, was voluntarily run over by a lorry, which dragged him for many metres and he then fled. The police then tracked him down.

The ferocity of capital and profit thus makes another victim precisely in logistics, the leading sector of class conflict in our country, after the similar murder that killed USB unionist Abd El Salam in Piacenza in 2016.

Nothing must stop the value chain, nothing must delay deliveries and accumulation, this is the message that comes from the gates of the Lidl warehouse in Biandrate, Novara, this is the message that the government of national unity, of total submission to the diktats of the European Union delivers to us.

We do not even stop in front of a worker who participates in a picket during a general strike of the category convened precisely to oppose and reject the employer's violence and respond to the aggression by guards paid by the owner in the Lodigiano area only a few days ago, which sent a worker who was protesting against the dismissals to hospital with serious injuries.

It is clear that there is an escalation of the employers' and states' response to the resumption of the conflict against exploitation, deaths at work, the contracting system and precariousness. The new attack on the right to strike in the logistics sector that they are preparing right now is a definitive confirmation of this.

This escalation must be met with a determined and united response of general struggle.

USB, in expressing its unconditional solidarity with Adil's family, with SiCobas and with all workers involved in the ongoing struggles, invites all its militants and all its structures to mobilise immediately throughout the country.

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