Zionist provocation against the WFTU



Arrested and expelled the union leader Alexandra Free

The USB joins itself to the protest of PAME and WFTU for the unjustified arrest of Alexandra Liberi, dirigent of the FISE- WFTU, by the Israeli occupation forces.

Alexandra Liberi was arrested at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, where she was put in security cell and then she was expelled.

Israel doesn't tolerate any testimony or protest to its criminal occupation. For this reason the Zionists have increased the repression and the restrictions against the Palestinians and on the movement of the internationalists, the union activists and democrats, that in thousands every year bring their solidarity to the Palestinian people.

The same fate of Alexandra Liberi has befallen few days ago to the Italian activist Samantha Comizzoli, some months ago an Italian activist was seriously wounded by a Zionist sniper. It 'a long list of crimes that brings us back to the murders of Rachel Correi, to the Italian journalist Raffaele Ciriello and to the thousands of Palestinians who died for the liberation of their land.

It 'a repression that aims to hit doubly the Palestinian people and that must be fought with force and determination.

Facing to the provocation staged by the Zionists against the WFTU, the USB invites its activists and local structures to strengthen its activities in support of Palestine.

While l'USB renews its support to the WFTU and expresses its solidarity with his partner Alexandra Liberi, we denounce the criminal complicity with Israel by the EU and national governments.

The Zionist repression can't stop the class internationalist solidarity!

The WFTU alongside the Palestinian people!

USB International Office

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