With strikes and demonstrations Greek workers prepare the general strike on February 4 called by PAME.

Roma -


It is continuing the struggle of the greek people against the plunder policies imposed by the EU and the government Syriza-Anel. In these days the class union PAME organized a new and massive series of protests that is going through Greece and that will conclude in the general strike on 4 February.

Workers of ship, of construction, public employment and tourism together to pensioners and other sectors are tooking  in the streets all over the country, from Larissa to the Dodecanese, to defend social security, wages and social rights and against dismissals.

The USB reaffirms class solidarity with the people and the workers in Greece and expresses its full support to the PAME that with his action of resistance give strength and perspective to the fight  of the workers against the EU of employers and bankers.

USB international office

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