With profound grief we follow the news coming from Nepal.

The strong earthquake of magnitude 7.9 that struck Nepal, caused the collapse of many buildings in the capital Kathmandu and the deaths of over 3,300 people.
In Katmandu took place, last 13rd of February, the XII Congress of the TUI, hosted by unions CONEP and NEGEO.

USB- Unione Sindacale di Base was in the Congress. Our leaders met at that time many comrades of the unions who hosted us.
At this time we are receiving, along with the dramatic news of death and destruction, also information on the loss of members of these unions, with whom we are linked by deep organizational ties, solidarity and friendship.

Pain adds to the pain of the loss of so many lives, especially among the workers.

Internationalist solidarity is one of the principles that underpin WFTU and TUI.
We propose our delegates and all our facilities to promote fundraising through subscriptions, social dinners and as much as possible to help the workers and the people of Nepal through unions and CONEP and NEGEO.

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