WFTU European Regional Office :Solidarity message with the 33 porters fired by multinational company GLS

Nazionale -

Dear comrades

On behalf of the European Regional Office of WFTU we express our solidarity with the 33 porters fired in Piacenza by GLS, a multinational logistics company.

The 33 workers dismissed by GLS have been on the roof of the Montale plant the warehouse where Abdel Salam was killed, since Monday 15 April , fighting to defend wages and working conditions.

The capital and the multinational in their pursuit to maximize their profit they violate workers rights and exploit them.

In front of the neoliberal attacks that are leading the peoples to poverty and social regression, the only way out is to intensify the expression of solidarity and the class struggles  for  the defense of workers rights, for better salaries,  in defense of collective bargaining and for a better future without exploitation.

We fully support the struggle of the 33 porters and their demands for  the reintegration of the dismissed. We condemn the position of the company to meet with the workers and the representatives of USB.

We call all class based trade unions to express solidarity.

USB invites to send the request of dismissal withdrawal to the GLS email address

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