We welcome the General Strike in Education on the 24th of April

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We welcome the United Front of Employees in Education

We welcome the General Strike in Education on the 24th of April

The FISE, World Federation of Teachers’ Unions, a member of the WFTU welcomes the teachers’ strike in Italy, which is organized by the USB, Base Union Syndicale.
We express our solidarity with the struggle against the privatization of schools and of the generalization of the flexible working relations for the teachers.

The working class in Italy and all over the world needs modern schools for free, where teachers can teache the scientific and historical truth, schools, where the employees will be paid properly and will enjoy all of their working rights.

The privatizations in the sector of education are only profitable for the monopolies and the capital. They aim at the absolute adaption of education to the directives of the OECD and the EU, which wish the education would be a merchandise and not a good. They are destructive for the young generation and for all the people.

The struggle for the teachers’ rights is linked to the struggle for the interests
of our class.

We wish you good luck for the strike of the 24 th of April


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