USB's greetings to the conference of Communist worker's party

Torino -


To the Conference of the Workers and Employees
Communist Party

Dear comrades,

Unfortunately your Conference coincide with my personal participation in the Athens meeting of the General Secretaries of international Unions, in preparation for the XVII WFTU Congress, which will be held in October in South Africa, and with our National Assembly, tomorrow 3 April in Milan, with the participation of 800 USB cadres and delegates. This reasons prevent us from being present in person to your important Assembly of Workers and Employees.

We are confident that your work will make an important contribution to the growth of workers' struggle and class oriented movement. We are also sure that you will keep getting the goal of unity of the class and the strengthening of the internationalist, combative and class oriented confederality, that alone can defeat the self-absorption and produce wins and advances to the labour movement.

Good job to all

Pierpaolo Leonardi
Esecutivo Nazionale USB

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