USB : today 10 May, national general strike for public service

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Today 10 May, USB called an 8-hour national general strike for public service in defence of the public contract and service, attacked by the cutting policies pursued by successive governments and the European Union. For decades now, in the public services, just think of school services, health care, social welfare and cultural services, training, etc.., also work hundreds of thousands of workers in contracts, elbow to elbow with public employees to ensure the essential services to citizenship. Workers with precarious private contracts who, together with public employees, have to face the damages that this ruling class has generated, sabotaging the public service to favour private structures. Contract workers and civil servants face the same problems (exploitation, dysfunction, heavy workloads, lack of recognition of tasks), albeit with different contracts and worse conditions in terms of rights, wages and insecurity. We are all affected by the reduction in appropriations and the continuous cuts in funds for public services. On the platform of the May 10 strike of workers with public contracts, USB calls on the government, among other things, to proceed with an extraordinary plan of recruitment, re-internalisation and stabilisation of precarious workers. Enough of the precariousness and blackmail, we demand security and rights and dignity for all workers in public services and for workers and private workers working in companies, coop.soc., etc. in contract, enslaved and exploited by contractual dumping. Many initiatives in different cities, The most important in Rome for the defense of the dignity of work in public services, the defense of welfare and the common good against private interests, for the rights and dignity of all workers.

USB international department

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