USB thanks all international Trade Unions

The days of  21 and 22 October were been two great days of struggle against Renzi's government , against the authoritarian revison of the constitution and to fight and break the EU policies .

On October 21 over 1,300,000 workers have joined the general strike called by the USB together with other  base unions.

On October 22, in Rome, about 40,000 people participated at the national demostration, for the  social NO  at the constitutional reform dictated by Renzi and supported by one important side of  italian estabilshment and  by international speculators.

High the adherence to the strike of October 21, in the factories, with significant peaks such as in the Piaggio of Pontedera, in the public offices, schools, or in the transports with many canceled flights and with peaks  of 60%  in local transport.

Italy was crossed by the struggles of public or private workers,  temporary workers, unemployed, homeless, immigrants workers  and pensioners.

San Giovanni Square in Rome was renamed  Square Abdel Salam, to claim justice for the delegate killed during a picket in Piacenza. Square Abdel Salam has hosted two days of performances and debates as the meeting to launch the national campaign : Never Slaves!! Against the sistem of exploitation ever closer to the slavery that hit immigrants and italian workers.

Return of the political strike, which has long disappeared from the Italian Chronicles, along with the protagonism of the workers and the big demonstration of October 22 , are a source of great satisfaction for all the USB.

We thank the class oriented trade unions belonging to the WFTU for the many messages of support to the strike that gave strength to our action and strengthened the organization international of the working class.

USB international department

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