USB supports the strike of workers of Greece tomorrow 21 of septemberUSB supports the strike of workers of Greece tomorrow 21 of september

Roma -

STOP to the new anti-workers monstrosity of the government!
USB supports the fights of PAME and the strike of tomorrow against the new anti workers laws.
The Greek Prime Minister announced a policy of savage austerity for the coming months, he announced a wage and pension freeze and only some crumbs for those affected by the floods and wildfires.
A harsh winter awaits our people, with the inflation on basic goods crushing people's incomes. In view of the destruction of agricultural and livestock production in Thessaly, the price of all basic foods, bread, milk, oil, cheese, etc. will rise even more. Executives of business groups in industry and retail in their statements estimate that there will be a new round of increases, in the coming days, in the prices of basic products, from 10% to 50%.
Alongside this juggernaut, the government is proceeding with the voting in the Parliament of September 21 of a new monster bill that imposes 13-hour work days, 78-hour work weeks, proceeds to abolish the work break, a number of benefits as a result of the dominance of new flexible forms of employment, they want to abolish the five-day work week and Sunday holiday in more sectors such as the food industry. Also the bill further criminalises the right to strike and trade union action.
Instead of basic measures to protect the people, the government announced even greater armaments to involve the country in imperialist plans and accelerated procedures for the disbursement of huge sums of money from the Recovery Fund and other EU programs to advance capital's goals of "green growth" and greater profitability in the ruins left by their criminal policies.

STOP to the new anti-workers monstrosity of the government.

ALL in the strike on September 21 in every city of the country!

USB with the workers and the class oriented trade unions of Greece

USB with our brothers of PAME