USB supports PAME and the struggle of Greek workers.

Nazionale -

USB harshly condemns what happened in Greece and has been denounced by the comrades of the PAME: police in trade union congresses.

USB expresses full solidarity and closeness to the conflicting workers and class oriented trade unions who are fighting hard against the policies of the Greek government.

We support the next general strike on 28 November.

PAME in its statement denounces that the regional congresses of trade unions, held in various Greek cities, have seen the massive presence of police and private security, up to the presence of representatives of the secret services in the meetings.

This presence was requested by the representatives of the GSEE (GSEE is the General Confederation of Greek Workers, a member of ETUC) and by the Syriza-Anel government, with a view to intimidation and repression.

All this is unacceptable, the rights of workers to assemble freely and build the 'trade union they need' are untouchable, these rights are the result of the struggles and blood of workers.

USB supports PAME and the struggle of Greek workers.

USB supports the general strike of 28 November .

your struggle is our struggle


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