USB participates in national demonstration in Rome on 4 November. Against the war, Solidarity with the Palestinian people

Nazionale -

The Meloni government is preparing to renew funding for military aid to Ukraine while it loses no opportunity to openly side with the Netanyahu regime, forgetting the reasons of the Palestinian people and pretending not to see the ongoing massacre in Gaza. 

With its interventionism, the Meloni government is dragging Italy deeper and deeper into the conflicts, exposing our country to retaliation and allocating precious economic resources towards objectives that explicitly conflict with the dictates of our Constitution.

Our country's increasing involvement in the war in Ukraine has already caused disastrous effects on the economic level with the increase in the price of energy products and then a cascade on everything else, without salaries being shielded from a resounding loss of purchasing power.

They militarise the media to convince us of the 'reasons' for war and conduct a cynical internecine war against the poor, taking away citizenship income and continuing the criminalisation of migrants. Government activism in Africa is all on the side of colonial governments and looks with concern at the revival of anti-colonial movements.

USB has always been against our country's participation in any war and stands by the peoples fighting for their liberation. USB wants an independent foreign policy of our country and not subjugated to Euro-Atlantic interests. Against Israeli apartheid and for full recognition of the rights of the Palestinian people. Against the sending of weapons and the militarisation of territories, knowledge and information. Against the neo-colonial policies in Africa and the liberticidal measures implemented against migrants.

lower weapons, raise wages: with the Palestinian people until victory