USB: May 1st of the fight alongside the 33 porters fired by the GLS of Piacenza

Nazionale -

For USB, the first of May 2019 was a day of struggle throughout the country, with demonstrations and moments of real class conflict, as in front of the warehouse of GLS in Piacenza, alongside the 33 porters fired by GLS, a logistics company sadly known for the high rate of exploitation of labor and for the repressive policies against workers and our union leaders, as evidenced by the layoff of our members, from 15 days on the roof of the warehouse.

The most significant event of our May 1st was therefore in the square in front of the roof of the company. A square dedicated by the workers to Abd Elsalam, the USB trade unionist killed on September 14, 2016 by a truck, during a picket line.

Hundreds of workers and union delegates from all over Italy gathered in that square to share a beautiful day of struggle and solidarity, the best way to remember the first of May, alongside the workers in one of the most important and hard disputes that USB is currently carrying out at the national level.

On Tuesday afternoon, a delegation from USB was received at MISE, the Ministry of Development and Economy, to deal with an explosive situation and ensure their interest in the resolution of the dispute and to protect the health and dignity of the porters.

Faced with this availability, the workers came down from the roof, embraced by their families, applauded by their companions and by the hundreds of people present at the demonstration, to celebrate a first victory against the rigidity and arrogance of the company.

Always united in the fight, against dismissals and for decent and safe work!

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