USB in the big demonstration against Meloni government and war economy

Nazionale -

1st of June: the demonstration against the Meloni government and the war economy brought thousands of people to the streets, ten thousand according to various estimates. The June 1 national procession thus succeeded, numerically and qualitatively, in its goal of showing that there exists in this country a political, trade union and social opposition that is not enchanted by the chatter of the media circus and tries to respond to the needs and requirements of the working class.
A class that has been scientifically broken down over these decades, which USB has set itself the task of organizing by building a collective sense of belonging and consciousness: we have seen this in our large and noisy section, made up first and foremost of our immigrant brothers, on whom the heaviest part of employers' policies and exploitation is unloaded, passing from workers in all public and private sectors, to pensioners, to those fighting for housing and income, to the increasingly numerous world of underpaid and precarious workers. Thousands of middle and university students, numerous associations, and territorial committees, who together with class political forces and the USB, six months ago formed the organizing committee for the June 1 national march against the Meloni government.
All united by one theme, that of the rejection of War, of constant support for the Palestinian cause, a battle for humanity and justice that today is crisscrossing the squares of the whole world and, even in this tragic moment, urges us to fight more than ever.
The struggle for wages, for safety in the workplace, for a major state hiring plan, for economic and industrial policies for the overall revitalization of the country, for the reduction of working hours are at the center of our path and struggles that must grow in intensity and strength in the coming months.
We must stop the war but we must also stop this authoritarian, repressive, anti-social, racist drift that is poisoning society.
Today's square gives us strength, hope and responsibility to carry out our task.