USB expresses solidarity 35 PAME leaders

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USB expresses  solidarity 35 PAME leaders

We hardly condemn the persecution against 35 PAME leaders, that next 20 February will be bring on trial one again, in the first trial all the charges of the previous ND liberal government had been rejected - the SYRIZA government with the "independent" justice brings again, new trial against the 35 PAME cadres. This is persecution of Presidents, Leaders of National Federations, Regional TradeUnion Centers, of dozens of class trade unions. They are taken once again in the courts for a mobilization they held on 30/1/2013 at the Ministry of Labor in protest of provocative statements.

The repression against the class oriented trade union that fight to defend workers and people in this hard is situation increases every day.
European Union and national governments carry on their policies without stopping so as class oriented trade union we will continue our fight.

Your fight is our fight

Together with you we ask
the trade unions to once again express their mass condemnation against the criminalization of trade union organization and action of workers.
the trade unions to massively condemn the prosecutions against the 35 cadres of leadership and demand withdraw now all the charges against 35 cadres of PAME

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