USB expresses a strong solidarity to the Portogues transportation workers. It's a common struggle against a common enemy

Roma -

The USB greets colleagues and comrades  EMEF and of the other  Portuguese  transport companies, which these days will descend on strike to defend the national contract, employment, wages, payment of overtime, for the safety of workers and against the extension of the fact of the working day.
 We express you our deepest support, starting  from our workplaces that today see us engaged in  hard disputes and conflicts  against the wild privatization of public services; At this time in Rome the local public transport workers, already attacked by these policies, are fighting to get the payment of salaries who do not receive for months.
Thursday 12  may , will be the turn of Meridiana airline workers  that will mobilize against 900 layoffs at national level.
We are on your side in the common struggle to defend the rights and dignity of workers, against privatization policies, which attack the wage earners and the right of the popular sectors  to enjoy the public services.

USB transport sector
USB International  Office

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