USB calls for an international solidarity campaign: #Rehire them #Rembauchez-les #Recontratenlos

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Los 33 porteadores despedidos en Piacenza por GLS, una empresa multinacional de logística, por luchar para defender los salarios y las condiciones de trabajo, protestan en el techo del almacén donde fue asesinado Abdel Salam.

Les 33 porteurs licenciés à Piacenza par GLS, une multinationale de logistique, pour s'être battus pour défendre les salaires et les conditions de travail, protestent sur le toit de l'entrepôt où Abdel Salam a été tué.

#Rehire them
The 33 porters fired in Piacenza by GLS, a multinational logistics company, for fighting to defend wages and working conditions, are protesting on the roof of the warehouse where Abdel Salam was killed.

The fight of the 33 porters fired by GLS continues USB calls for an international solidarity campaign

The 33 workers dismissed by GLS have been on the roof of the Montale plant since Monday 15 April. They have been fired for retaliation, their resistance continues. The company refuses to meet the workers and USB.
The mobilization will continue until the multinational will sit at the table with the workers and their representatives, who demand the reintegration of the dismissed.

The workers of the GLS have allowed the entire supply chain to bill billions, the protest will continue, the workers cannot be considered a device "disposable".
USB therefore appeals to citizens and institutions to ask for support in the struggle for the work of 33 family fathers.
USB calls
for statement of solidarity and support from class oriented trade unions, for dissemination of the struggle of workers wherever possible using the media and social media,
USB invites to send the request of dismissal withdrawal to the GLS email address

GLS is a multinational that acts in the same way throughout the world, only the struggle of workers and class oriented trade unions can put a stop to exploitation and lack of rights.


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