USB: a conference of organization to represent better the workers

Roma -

250 delegates, three days of work, more than 70 interventions. These in a nutshell, the numbers of the Conference of Organization of Confederal USB which was held on 20, 21 and 22 March in Chianciano Terme.

Workers of public and private sector, many young delegates of A.S.I.A. - USB, a large patrol of retirees with a great desire to continue fighting, along with migrants and refugees have come to the Conference from all over Italy to reiterate the need to grow and reinforce the USB .

The debate was focused on the issues related to the organization and to the programmatic policies, in order to choose the organizational instruments that will serve to improve the conflictual initiatives of the USB in a scenario dominated by the economic crisis and by the reactionaries and liberist policies of the Troika.

During the three days of work ,the most discussed theme was been the centrality of the confederal action of a modern trade union strongly rooted on the interest of the working class. The social confederal ,has the target to unify the struggle for the salary, the right to live in a house, the defence of the immigrant workers, the fight of the unemployed. It's a practice against the fragmentation, today imposed by the capitalism in labour organization and in the society.

The Conference , as well as defining a best organizational structure, has approved an agenda and a final document with national and international commitments.

First of all the Conference has renewed the support to the metallurgic workers of ILVA under an instrumental judiciary attack based on false and defamatory accusations.

Another important commitment is the campaign against the EXPO 2015, that was chosen by the economic and political lobbies to introduce a further and more barbarous forms of exploitation.

The recent success of USB in the voting of the Italian public sector and the simultaneous appointment of Comrade Pierpaolo Leonardi as world general secretary of public employees undertake all USB .

In the next future USB will be called to do one more effort in the international engagement within the WFTU and among the workers of our country.

In the same time the conference has put in agenda initiatives and mobilizations against the recent laws and agreements that restrict the rights of workers and attacks the class oriented unions as the USB.

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