USB, 10 years rEsistence class oriented, internationalist, conflictual, independent, anti-fascist

Nazionale -

We could not celebrate together the tenth anniversary of USB, we do it now with this video that traces some important moments of our existence.

From the first congress, that of the unification between RdB and Sdl Intercategoriale, to date, thousands of initiatives, struggles, conferences, participation in international events have marked our first ten years.

USB has grown, has opened hundreds of structures and offices all over the country, and has worked tirelessly on the affirmation of the confederal, conflictual, independent, supportive, internationalist, anti-fascist and class oriented.

USB has suffered layoffs, repression and trials, to the extreme of the assassinations of two of its delegates, Abd El Salam and Soumaila Sacko, but has never stopped, resisting repeated attempts to prevent the growth of one of the most entrenched and consistent realities of the Italian conflictual unionism.

From here we relaunch the challenge to strengthen and grow this tool available to workers and women workers

Together we are unbeatable!



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