Unite with Nakliyat-İş against the arrogance of MSC/Medlog

Roma -

The whole USB, along with logistics workers, the dockers, and of the transport sector expresses its full solidarity and support to the struggle of our brothers and comrades of the Mediteranean Shipping Company / Medlog Logistic and Nakliyat-İş trade union, engaged in a hard struggle from several months.
The MSC like other multinational companies, it does profits exploiting workers, denying them basic rights such as the right of association.
The multinational MSC / Medlog is based in Switzerland, but it is present in all major European ports, from months  it is  refusing to deal with a trade union class oriented, honest and firm in defense of workers' rights as the Nakliyat-İş.
The workers of the ports of Istanbul, Gebze / Kocaeli, Gemlik / Bursa, Mersin, Iskenderun, Izmir and Samsun for months are fighting against the MSC / Medlog to defend their rights, including the right to join the Nakliyat-İş.
Against their struggle it was unleashed the repression of  employiers and of the police.
We condemn the disgraceful and shameful behavior of the MSC / Medlog.
We ask the reinstatement of  the 140 workers unfairly dismissed.
Together with other organizations of the WSF, we demand the immediate recognition of Nakliyat-İş and respect for trade union rights.
While we denouncing the repression that violently struck the right manifestations of protest, we demand the immediate release of our four brothers and comrades and the end to repression of trade union activities and the end of the  state of emergency.

USB international office

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