TUI PS&A expresses its class solidarity with the 35 Trade Union leaders of PAME Greece who will be on trial on the 16th of March 2017.

The TUI PS&A expresses  solidarity and support to PAME, to our 35 comrades and demands from the Greek government to definitively stop the prosecution of the 35 trade unionists.
Our comrades, among whom George Perros, Vice president of WFTU and Head of PAME,Bambis Vortelinos Vice President TUI PS&A, went on trial and were acquitted for a sit-in done on January 2013.
The protest was in front of Ministry of Labor against the reductions of pensions and wages announced by the Greek government and the Troika of IMF, the European Union and the European Central Bank.
On Thursday 16th of March the trial will be repeated for the same case, with new fabricated accusations.
The TUI PS&A, part of the World Federation of Trade Unions, (WFTU), expresses on behalf of the public workers, all around the world, its class solidarity and support with PAME
The TUI PS&A follows the daily struggles of the working class of Greece which are being waged and headed by the leading PAME against anti-social measures and draw strength from these struggles.
We are with you
Your fights are our fights
Internationalist solidarity is our power


Pierpaolo Leonardi
General Secretary TUI PS&A

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