TUI PS &A expresses its solidarity to PAME and to all the Greek people for the National General strike on December 3rd


TUI PS &A, representing  23 million workers in 34 countries, expresses its solidarity  and support to PAME and to all the Greek people for the National General strike on December 3rd.
TUI PS&A  supports the fights of PAME and the class trade unions of Greece against the new measures against our class.

PAME calls all workers, the unemployed, the women, the pensioners, the self-employed and the small farmers, in common struggle to block the premeditated crime of the Capital-the Greek Government-the EU against social security. The vultures of private insurance companies and the merchants of health already sharpen their claws.
The new state budget  brings new measures against poor people, new cuts in social security, tax increases for the poor, privileges for the rich.
The situation is very hard  for our class and capitalism attack is always stronger.
The Greek government imposes austerity policies established by European Union to workers and people.

Today the attack to economic, social, trade union is more intense, increasing exploitation of labor, social security system reset, progressive cut of wages and pensions,  millions of young people are unemployed and without future.
Our struggles and our work are very hard but this is our role, class oriented trade unions that fight to defend workers’ rights and eliminate exploitation of man by man.

PAME fights against these policies.
It organizes struggles and conflicts across the country.

TUI PS&A is sure of a great success of the forthcoming general strike in Greece.

The leadership of the PAME in Greece will be able to maintain high mobilization and conflict against the EU and should be an example for all the peoples of Europe subjected to the devastating policies of the EU.

TUI PS&A            

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