The WFTU denounces the murder of USB migrant trade unionist

Nazionale -

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), representing more than 92
million workers all over the world, strongly denounces the murder of our Italian
affiliate USB’s unionist Soumaila Sacko who has shot to death on June the 3rd.
This murder, following the one of Abdel Salam in Piacenza, another migrant
worker who had been killed, is tragically added to a long series of racist,
xenophobic and anti-union actions, triggered by the policies of the European
Union and the Italian bourgeois state. It is not by chance that this
assassination took place just a few hours after the racist statements of the
new Italian Minister of Interior, M. Salvini.
This time, the cold-blooded murder of our brother happened in the Calabria
fields where more than 4000 migrant workers work and live. Once more, the
WFTU declares that the class response must be the joint migrant and Italian
workers struggle against the capitalist system which generates poverty, wars
and uprooted refugees.
As international class-oriented movement we call upon every migrant worker
to join the class unions and to fight for a dignified work and life. At the same
time, we support the USB call for a national demonstration in Rome, on June
The big WFTU family extends its most sincere condolences to the relatives,
family and colleagues of our brother Soumaila Sacko.
The WFTU Secretariat

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