The WFTU denounces the homicide of USB Italy, trade Unionist, Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldanf

The World Federation of Trade Unions informs the international working class about the tragic homicide of its member, a USB Italy trade Unionist, Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldanf, 53 years old and father of 5 children.

The WFTU representing currently 92 million workers in 126 countries denounces in the most profound way this murder which serves as an act of terror and manipulation against the struggles of the USB and the militant trade union movement in Italy.

At the 23.45 of September 14th, USB trade unionists was run over and killed by a truck during a strike with picket to the GLS in Piacenza.

The homicide of the comrade and brother Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldanf is the tragic epilogue of an escalation of violence and repression of the GLS and its sub-contractor SEAM. This is the way they decided to respond to the fair claims of the workers demands.
Last night the USB was holding a meeting with the logistic workers of GLS/SEAM to discuss the missed respect of the undersigned accords on the assumptions of the precarious at determined time.

Thanks to the precariousness introduced by the laws voted by the Government of Italy and agreed with the European Union, the bosses impose labour-relationships based on violence and blackmail, so that the absence of rights has become the norm in this sector, where their profit grow up until the 29%in one year.

The WFTU stands in total solidarity with USB, its members and the working class of Italy.


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