The new government is indecent, built to serve finance, restructure labour, obey the ECB and the EU

Nazionale -

The national coordinations of the categories of the Unione Sindacale di Base met on Saturday 13 February 2021. This is the note unanimously approved.

The Draghi new government is indecent, constructed at the table to serve finance, restructure labour, obey the ECB and the EU, with many loyalists disguised as technicians and the worst of politics.

The patrol of politicians called upon to oversee the world of work is of great concern. The awarding of the Mise to the Lega Nord's Giorgetti foreshadows a very bad fate for the more than 140 crisis tables waiting for solutions that have not been forthcoming for too long, starting with the fate of Alitalia and ArcelorMittal; Brunetta's return to the Civil Service will rekindle the boorish and boorish attacks on public workers and set in motion those measures he introduced with the Berlusconi government; the entry of PD deputy secretary Orlando at the Ministry of Labour will mark an inseparable union with Cgil Cisl Uil and a strict obedience in matters of wages, pensions, income to the diktats of the European Union.

The government of "all on the Recovery Fund bandwagon" is foreshadowed by what we could already understand from Draghi's investiture, a government that will shift the burden of the gigantic debt onto the shoulders of the popular masses and workers, that will restructure the world of work yet again in the name of a digitalisation and ecological transition that will be declined through an enormous transformation process that will close down non-competitive production, expel hundreds of thousands of workers, reorganise the public administration and use digitalisation to further cut the social functions of the state, encouraging privatisation and the selling off of collective assets and family jewels.

A government that is preparing to leave the South even further behind, favouring the business system in the North and encouraging even greater social and territorial inequalities.

We hope that all those who have been dazzled by the fairy tales with which the entire world of mass media has beatified the former president of the ECB in recent weeks will understand, by carefully reading the names of the ministers, that we are not dealing with a world of fairy tales but with the much more realistic one of class warfare.

The USB is already on the move to build mobilisations to oppose the anti-grassroots choices that the Draghi government is preparing to promote, both at the level of individual categories and more generally.

We will need a large and lasting general mobilisation that will set in motion a wide range of social and political sectors in order to reverse the trend, and this is the commitment that the USB is taking on for the coming months.