The European Parliamentarian Sotiris ZARIANOPOULOS visit the migrant workers at the " Ghetto of Rignano"

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On  November 4, 2017, the General Secretary of the World federation  Trade Unions, George MAVRIKOS, after visiting the migrant workers  at the “Ghetto of  Rignano” in Foggia, participated in the conference organized by the USB, entitled: " FIGHTS  OF CROP HARVESTERS YESTERDAY AND TODAY IN THE CAMPAIGNS IN  FOGGIA" promoted by the USB on the occasion of 60° anniversary of  the death of Giuseppe Di Vittorio, leader of the workers of the Capitanata and then President of the World Federation of Trade Unions from 1945 to 1949.
At that conference MAVRIKOS was committed to bringing the serious situation of the living and working conditions of the workers , who live in the “Ghetto of Rignano Garganico”, to the attention of all the world trade union members of the WFTU.

Following the visit, the World Federation of Trade Unions sent a report / denounce on the situation of the “Ghetto” to the Parliament and the European Commission.

The European Parliamentarian  Sotiris  ZARIANOPOULOS  will visit, on February 9th 2018, the crop harvester  living in the “Ghetto of Rignano Garganico” to verify in person, under what conditions they live.
The national and local leaders of USB will accompany the Member of Parliament in his visit.

The USB Syndicate calls  Broadcaster  and the Press Offices to participate in the Press Conference held at the "Torretta Antonacci (ex Ghetto)," on Friday 9 February 2018 from 11.30 am, which will see the participation of the European Parliamentarian.

After the Press Conference, Sotiris ZARIANOPOULOS will go to the immigrant workers who live in Borgo Mezzanone (Foggia).

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