The death of Abd El Salam was not enough: guarantee notices to USB executives for the protests against that assassination

Nazionale -
On September 14, 2016, our comrade Abd El Salam was killed in front of GLS, a company where he worked, during a picket line against dismissals and for the contractual rights of logistics workers. today the guarantee notices to the USB executives have arrived for the protests against that assassination two of our union leaders received two notices of guarantee for serious crimes such as interruption of public service, unauthorized demonstration and others in relation to the demonstrations that the day after the assassination of Abd El Salam crossed Piacenza.  more and more often we try to remove the conflict, to cancel it, hitting those who still do not submit to the logic of blackmail, the arrogance and arrogance of those who, strong of its power, think they can dispose of the life of workers and workers to his liking. For the comrades affected by the complaints, solidarity and the full support of our entire organization. USB will always be at the side of those fighting for workers' rights and for true social justice. unione sindacale di base
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