Stop the persecution against the Greek class oriented Trade Union

Nazionale -

The USB expresses solidarity and support to the PAME and to its 35 leaders put on trial with instrumental accusations for a protest held under the Ministry of Labour on January 2013.

We reject the criminalization of the trade union struggles, it's a right of the people and working class to defend itself and to fight against the capitalist robbery in order to obtain best condition of job, salary and life.

We strongly demands to Syriza Government to stop the harsh chain of trials, repressions and attacks against the class oriented trade unions, against its leaders, militants and supporters.

We express all our militant support to the Greek working class and to the PAME, that are conducting a great resistance against the economic recipes of Troika and Syriza Government.

Hands off our comrades

Hands off PAME

Rome 15-3-2017

USB International Office

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