Solidarity to the struggle of Telecom Portugal workers

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The USB  expresses its support to the struggle of workers of Telecom Portugal (PT), privatized and sold to the multinational French-speaking Altice.

The company, following the classic privatization program, wants to transfer hundreds of workers into subcontracting companies, reducing wages, trade union rights, and endangering jobs.

Against this attack, the PT-ALTICE workers called by the SNTCT-CGTP are in struggle  since July 10  and now  they are preparing for the strike on 21 July.

In Italy, like in the rest of the continent, the USB and the FSM-related Unions are struggling against the privatizations by EU. Privatizations that continue to hit theTLC workers and  the entire working class.

The employers, together with the yellow trade unions of CES are dismounting and destroying  the achievements with years of struggles, it becomes increasingly important to strengthen the solidarity of the workers and the international trade union organization of FSM.

We are alongside PT workers in the common struggle against exploitation and precariousness

We strongly support the struggles promoted by Portuguese SNTCT -CGTP

Rome 13/7/2017


USB international office

USB TLC sector

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