USB express full solidarity to the workers of ZOURAS Food Industries arrested during a strike and strongly condemns SYRIZA Government behavior.
On November 21 the police arrested 28 striking workers  at ZOURAS Food Industries, the day before, the employer of another factory used armed bodyguards against the picket lines, and the police arrested the President of the Trade Union.
Few days ago the employers and the SYRIZA-ANEL government attached the striking workers, fighting against dismissals and wage reductions at the waste recycling factory (“General Waste”)
Employers and Syriza Government treat workers like criminals!!
USB strongly condemns these ongoing intimidation tactics. The attempts to break workers struggle through state oppression and employers’ intimidations.
Riot police used teargas against the strikers and acted once again as the henchmen of the employers who send the workers to unemployment and those they keep are kept on starvation-wages.
The Government of SYRIZA_ANEL bears enormous responsibilities for this escalation of intimidation tactics, the governement ordered the riot police to attack the workers fighting for their rights in recycling factory and ordered the arrests of the strikers at Zouras.
Syriza Government acts as oppressive arm of the employers against people and workers asking rights and dignified life.

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