Solidarity Message of TUI Public Services-Europe of the WFTU, with the day of Action of USB on December 15

Nazionale -


The TUI Public Services-Europe of the WFTU, expresses its support and solidarity with the struggle of USB against the government and Salvini decree on December 15

Dear comrades, EU and its member states play geopolitical chess with refugees and immigrants as pawns.

They do not allow refugees and immigrants to disembark in European ports and they let them to drown in the sea. They do not allow them to go to the countries they really want, they even pose obstacles to family reunifications, they are indifferent to the drama of unaccompanied minors.

They want to keep refugees imprisoned in camps outside EU. They build new concrete and electronic fences so that only those cheap workers needed by capitalists to be allowed to move inside Europe.

This is why we should fight against the common enemy, capitalists, their governments and their international alliances, NATO and EU.

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