Solidarity for Donbass' population

Usb National Confederation Council gathered in Tivoli (Rome) on 29 May 2016 renews its solidarity and friendship with the Mayor of the Popular Republic of Lugansk , with the workers and the People of Donbass. The Ukrainian regime has launched a tough aggression campaign  also against  trade unions wrights by promoting a proper international offensive against the organization the International World Trade Federation in the attempt to legitimize and intimidate its leaders and activists. Moreover the C.N. USB denounces the legal actions carried out by the Ukrainian Government against the Secretary General of the TUI PS&A and Member of the National Confederation USB  Executive, Pierpaolo Leonardi and of the trade unionists of the Popular Republic of Donbass, whose participation in the meeting of the European Secretariat of the WFTU planned on 2 and 3 June in Vienna was the subject matter of  a formal complaint of the Ukrainian Government to the Austrian Ambassador in Kiev.

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