Sfratto di villa Gordiani: solidarietà del PAME

PAME Denounces Repression And Violence By The Italian Authorities In Mobilization Against Eviction

PAME denounces the repression and violence of the Italian authorities against the poor people who are struggling to defend their homes.

On Friday, 28 September, Italian authorities in Rome threw out of here home a 70-year-old woman due to debts. In the effort of the people and USB unionists to defend the woman's home, the authorities responded with the use of Riot Police and chemicals. 4 people were arrested, 2 of whom are cadres of USB. At the same time, the local police unleashed a manhunt in the neighborhood to capture those participated in the mobilization in defense of the elderly woman.

The shameful video at:

for the people in Greece watching the video, after the daily persecutions by the SYRIZA-ANEL government against anyone who opposes auctions of homes in Greece, is like seeing images from our near future.

PAME expresses its solidarity with Italian workers and the USB trade union in their struggle to defend the homes of the poor people.

We demand the immediate release of all the arrested

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