Send messages of solidarity needed with 220klm Long March Against Unemployment, Greece!


USB supports and sustains the initiative Work for all, work with rights, under this slogan a big march against unemployment started from the city of Patras in Greece.

The march against unemployment was organized by  the City of Patras, a route of  220 km, it  started  on April 3nd and it will be finish on April 10th in Athens, at Syntagma square, in front of the Greek Parliament.

The working class and people in Greece and all Europe are suffering a terrible situation, high level of unemployment, precarious work with low salaries and without rights.

USB expresses full solidarity to all unions, students, women associations and other massive organizations that are doing this march.

 The struggle against unemployment and for substantial relief measures for the unemployed workers and their families is also our struggle.

USB is with you, with workers, with people against EU and its memorandums and recommendations and its policies that are  against the policies they're starving peoples.

USB international department

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