PRESS RELEASE Saturday 20 JUNE 2015

Of Aboubakar Soumahoro Usb national secretariat and spokesman of International Coalition without papers, migrants,refugees and asylum seekers. ( CISPM).


Ventimiglia -

 To France government of Francoise Hollande who betrayed and violated with EU complicity, Italy too, the sense of freedom,equality and solidarity words. We answer "open the borders" Today we are to the border in Ventimiglia with this claim for movement freedom and for the right to stay. Some migrants tell us that they go over the border during this day like a dimostration. They want to say to the EU a nd to the members countries that this is their failure. Because of illegal and racist way as Dublin third and Shengen Regulations , we have to react and act . The only one way is fight against the injustice reason. You want make us slaves. We will answer with our release from your laws that are state racism.


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