Port workers strike: Friday 5 April

Nazionale -

On 27 February, USB proclaimed a national state of agitation in the port sector and organised a series of assemblies in the various Italian ports.

At the centre of the confrontation is the USB platform on the renewal of the National Collective Bargaining Contract with the request for real wage increases of at least EUR 300 in basic pay (no welfare) and the convening of its own delegation at the table of the national contract as provided for by the Consolidated Text on Representation and counting of membership figures.

The employer organisations have, for the time being, refused confrontation despite our actual representativeness in the ports and an official request.

The port workers of PSA Genoa have already been on strike since 2 April to obtain USB's right to participate in the elections of the terminal workers' delegates.
Workers have the right to be represented by the organisations they choose!
In addition, there is great concern about a port reform wanted by the current government, which threatens to further demolish Law 84/94 by introducing the privatisation of the port authorities and the definitive questioning of the port companies . There is talk of introducing new elements of flexibility and precariousness.
No openness, however, as regards the recognition of port work as hard work. No action for safety and against deaths at work.

On the basis of this platform USB proclaimed a first day of strike on 5 April

USB Sea and Ports Coordination