Pierpaolo Leonardi letter of thanks to P.A.ME.


Dear comrades,

thank you very much for your message, for your words and your support.

The situation is always harder  for our class and capitalism attack is always stronger, in europe and in all the world.

The national european governments impose the austerity policies established by European Union to workers and people, they impose labor reforms to create the conditions of a "labor market", where  workers will be found alone in front of the power of the employer, both in public and private.

Today the attack to economic, social, trade union is more intense, increasing exploitation of labor, social security system reset, progressive cut of wages and pensions,  millions of people are starving.

PAME and USB are side by side on the path of struggle, in the great, militant family of WFTU.

Our struggles and our work are very hard but this is our role, class oriented trade unions that fight to defend workers’ rights and eliminate exploitation of man by man.

We are certain that the class connection that unites us will only grow stronger.

Thank you again for your support and solidarity.

continue our struggles together in WFTU

Pierpaolo Leonardi

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