PEO Cyprus solidarity message with the General Strike called by USB Italy October 11, 2021

Nazionale -

The Pancyprian Federation of Labor PEO Cyprus extends its class solidarity with the general strike called by the Unione Syndical di Base USB in Italy.  

It is obvious that the health crisis is also turning into an economic and social crisis and, like all the crises of the capitalist system it is attempting to load it on the shoulders of the workers in various ways in order to protect the interests of capital. 

Insecurity and unemployment make workers even more vulnerable to exploitation.  The process of deregulation of labor is accelerating.  

The right to strike and the right to organize are being targeted, along with the limitation of the role and validity of collective agreements.  

Under the pretext of increasing spending due to covid, social welfare is being downgraded and class discrimination in health and education is increasing. At the same time, within the framework of European recovery plans, big capital and businesses are getting huge amounts of money while spending on public health and education is very little

In these circumstances, the response of the workers and the class trade union movement is mobilization and struggle.

We express our solidarity and wish you every success on the strike.

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