PAME welcomes the election of Pierpaolo Leonardi as as General Secretary of TUI Public Services

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To Unione Sindicale di Base
Comrade Pier Paolo Leonardi

Dear Comrade,

PAME, welcomes the election of USB and you personally as General Secretary of TUI Public Services in its 12 th Congress. On the occasion of your election PAME would like to express its support to the efforts you will make to reconstruct and strengthen the workers’ movement, for the distinctive presence of the class oriented trade unions, for the strengthening and growing of WFTU in Europe and globally.The difficulties in your work are big. The correlation is against you. The brutal attack of capitalism escalates daily; however, faithful to the historic role of the working class, to the unbreakable force of those who produce the wealth, the class trade unions will overcome all obstacles.

The election of USB in this position shows the important role your organisation has played, within the few years of its existence till today, and also the perspective it gives to the movement. It shows the vanguard role of the class trade unions in Europe and especially in Italy, where USB has been the classcounterweight, against the argument of “class collaboration” cultivated by the confederations, who betrayed the values and principles of the working class years ago. Furthermore, using the recent result of the general elections in Greece, such trade union leaderships attempt to drive the workers in supporting either one, or the other way of managing capitalism. They want workers to co-sign the new antiworkers’ measures.

Against such positions, USB and PAME have been side by side on the path of struggle, in the great, militant family of WFTU. We highlight our common demonstration in Rome, at FAO, your speech in May 1 st at the gates of the Halivourgia factory, during the 9month strike of the steelworkers, as well as your recent participation at the National Demonstration of PAME on November 1 st . Dozens are our common actions, press releases, announcements and positions against the barbarity of capitalist exploitation. We are certain that the class connection that unites us will only grow stronger.

PAME, based on the principles of Internationalism and Solidarity, will support your efforts with all possible means

Athens, 17.2.15
The Executive Secretariat

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