PAME: Solidarity with the strike of Italian workers on October 11

Nazionale -

PAME expresses its solidarity with USB and the workers of Italy in view of their strike on October 11.
USB calls for a national strike against the policy of the Italian Government that attacks labor rights with redundancies, unemployment, punctuality, a blow to the Collective Agreements. For this situation are the responsibilities of the trade unions of the European Trade Union Confederation CGIL, CISL and UIL that they put in place to promote these anti-workers’ policies.
Workers in Greece are facing the same anti-labor attack by Business Groups-EU-Governments that aim to ensure profitability and competitiveness on the back of the workers.
But it is the workers who produce the wealth.
In the face of the onslaught of the EU, employers and the governments that serve them, we have the power of organization, of collective struggle, of class, international solidarity.
PAME expresses its support for the struggle of the Italian workers and the USB.