PAME: In Italy they Murder Strikers - In Greece they ban Strikes

Nazionale -


PAME denounces the murder of 37-year-old striker trade unionist Adil Belakhdim in the Novara region of northwestern Italy during a picket line at a logistics center.

According to the USB, Adil, a member of the SiCobas trade union, was guarding the strike organized by the trade unions USB, SiCobas and others when he was hit by a truck driver who tried to break the strike.

Such incidents reveal the most brutal face of employers’ violence, their mechanisms to break the strike and pressure against the workers’ right to strike. While this is happening in the countries of the European Union, the Government of Greece is giving air to the sails of the employers as it criminalizes the picket lines of the strikes, trade union action and in fact wants to ban strike action.

The workers' conquests, the victories of the workers are watered with the blood of the martyrs of our class. Adil Belakhdim was killed while fighting for the life and the rights of his class.

Italian unions are responding to employer violence with a two-hour work stoppage across Italy.

PAME expresses the condolences of the class unions of Greece to the family and to the colleagues of Adil Belakhdim