Ongi etorri Arnaldo Otegi - Welcome Arnaldo Otegi. Now fredoom for Rafa Diez and for all militant and unionists prisoners

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USB tightens in an ideal embrace  the Basque people and  the comrade Arnaldo Otegi, liberated after 6 and a half years of unjust imprisonment, to have participated and actively supported the peace process and in the same time  claiming self-determination for his people.
Are still four hundred the Basque political prisoners held in Spanish and French jails, many of them are trade unionists and activists of social movements.
Among these, the former General Secretary of LAB Rafa Diez, who was arrested on the night of October 13, 2009 in Donostia, following a police raid at the headquarters of the Basque trade union along with Arnaldo Otegi, Sonia Jacinto, Miren Zabaleta and Arkaitz Rodriguez.
All arrested for crimes of opinion and thus in fact they are i political prisoners in the prisons of a European Union country.
Over the last few years, despite the request to start a real peace process, the independentist classist unionism and  has been repeatedly under attacked, its offices raided by police, the rights and union freedoms denied by employers and by the Spanish institutions .
The USB supports the working class of Euskal Herria in its struggle to demand better working conditions, wages, and for a real democracy in society and in the workplace.
We are with the comrades of LAB, and we strongly urge the release of Rafa Diez and all political prisoners.

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