November 28 General Strike

We demand with a militant strike on November 28th:

Nazionale -

    Right here and right now, increases in wages, in pensions, in social benefits
    Cancelation of the law that abolishes the collective bargaining
    Increase of the minimum salary to € 751 for all and restoration of the Collective Contracts

             PAME calls on all the unions throughout the country to discuss, to proceed to General Assemblies to strengthen and expand through collective processes the strike wave against the policy of the governments and employers. All Unions must take part in the struggle, organize the preparation of the strike and take militant initiatives in every industry, region and workplace.

The draft of the state budget for 2019 and the achievement of new "blood-stained" primary surpluses once again attack the people and at the same time offer a significant reduction in taxes for business groups. This is as we can see in practice the true meaning of "regularity" and "development" mentioned by the government. Development for more profits for the big employers, through workers exploitation, without rights.

            The minimum things offered by the government and the main opposition party during the pre-election period do not change the life of the great majority of the people that has been suffering by the constant blow to the popular income and the taxes. None of the about 700 memorandum’s laws has been abolished as specific pledges for surveillance and fiscal measures have been taken until 2060!

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