No work during public holidays

Sunday 1st November national day of struggle

Roma -


People without Sundays, the invisible workers of malls and shops, they have no choice. They cannot decide what to do, even on Sundays. They cannot decide how to spend this day usually dedicated to social, the rest, the reflection, the culture, the sports or to stay at home with the  family. In Italy  more than three million men and women are condemned, by  government decrees and EU diktats,  to spend their public holidays and  Sunday at work, often in the  shopping malls. The biggest companies in the commercial sector  day by day  impose job  relationship more brutal between workers and owners.

The employer's associations are proposing new contracts in which the Sunday, or the public holidays become a working days, abolishing the extra pay  for Sundays and  public  holidays and reducing  the usual days of rest.

National governments and the EU are supporting the wishes of the commercial  companies, through  laws that reduce wages, the  holidays, the rest for disease and the weekly rest.

It 'an idea of society in which the life of a human being is closely related to the company  machine and to the profits.

It's an idea that dehumanizes, it's even more absurd in a time of economic crisis with an high level of unemployment and the constant contraction of consumptions.

The commercial sector is a paradigm of our society and of a system that is going to the collapse.

The USB is organizing, from years, the workers against this model of exploitation, calling demonstrations, sit in in  the streets and in the malls.

The next Sunday, November 1 will again be a day of fight,  commercial center workers and citizens, social movements will be together to USB in a national day of  protest against the work on Sunday and during the holidays.

We know this is not an Italian or a European  matter,  many of the class-oriented trade unions are conducting a similar struggle. In many cases the big companies of the shopping center are the same.

In this moment it is very important to express and to receive solidarity and exchanging and  strengthening  class solidarity between the workers.


Right salary for a stable and safe work
For Sundays and holidays free by work
We will not to be the slave of 21th century


USB International Office

USB Commerce Sector workers

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