Message of condolence to the Turkish and Kurdish people


On the morning of Saturday, October 10 with two different explosions it was attacked a demonstration in Ankara, called also by the trade unions, to support the Kurdish and Turkish left party HDP, demanding the end of the attacks against the PKK, demilitarization of the Kurdish cities under curfew and the end of repression of leftist militants, activists, journalists, arrayed against the Erdogan government.

TUI PS&A expresses  condolences to the Turkish and Kurdish peoples, to the workers and their trade unions, to the families of those who  died or injured in the massacre of Ankara during the massive demonstration for peace and democracy. We are and we’ll be on their side in the struggle for democracy and peace, against the constant attack by Turkish government. We think that the massacre is a State massacre, although we not yet know who made materially this latest attack.
TUI PS&A  class trade unions  expresses its solidarity with the workers and our brothers and sisters, peoples of Turkey.
The trade unions called for national strike we support their strike and their struggle
Response to the imperialist terror is peoples’ struggle.

Trade Union International Public Service and Allied

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