LAB’s solidarity with the general strike and the national demonstration in Italy

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Italian class oriented trade unionism has called for a general strike in Italy on December 2nd and a national demonstration on December 3rd against the economic and social policies of Meloni’s government.

The government of the far-right Meloni, although she presents herself as a representative of the anti-stablishment, applies the same neo-liberal policies as the right-wing governments in Europe, and the budget law presented to the European Union by the current government of Italy is a copy of the neo-liberal policies of the previous Dragui government. It is clear once again that the right and the far-right are two sides of the same coin that obey the interests of capital.

The oppression and precariousness that we workers suffer is becoming more and more evident, with an exponential increase in the incomes of capital to the detriment of the incomes of labour. At the same time, an increasing number of people are on the margins of capitalist consumer standards and the necropolitics imposed by the capitalism does not simply fail to offer the minimum vital requirements for the safe reproduction of life, but, in many contexts, directly incites death.

The war in Ukraine, the lack of a European policy of its own and the resulting submission to the interests of the United States and NATO are plunging Europe into a generalised crisis in which people’s living conditions are becoming increasingly precarious.

Violence, misogyny and persecution against women are also increasing. Faced with the increase in the correlation of forces achieved by feminism, several conservative and far-right leaders have come out against what they consider as “gender ideology”, once again attacking the different emancipation movements led by women.

In this situation, we have an ethical and political duty to act, and to do so urgently, before it may be too late. The general strike on December 2nd in Italy is not a simple denouncement of the situation suffered by the working class; this a claim that a new world is not only possible, but of vital urgency.

We are living in a historic moment of deep changes in the world, and the working class has to dispute these changes, so that changes go in the direction of the interests of the working class and the popular classes and not in the interests of capital. We need to start building a new model that is based on the sovereignties of nations and people and that puts the lives and rights of everyone at the centre.

In this sense, we reiterate our support to the general strike of December 2nd and the national demonstration of December 3rd in Italy, and we send our solidarity to the Italian working class and especially to the comrades of the Unione Sindacale di Base.

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