Italy: The WFTU stands in solidarity with the Italian working class

Nazionale -

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) representing 95 million workers in 130 countries all over the world, sends its militant greetings to the Italian working class and especially to its affiliate class-oriented organization, the USB, on the occasion of its day of fight against the so called Salvini Decree on December the 15th.
This decree which promotes new measures against the immigrants, stops humanity permit, closes reception centers and intensifies the state repression against those who protest, is another proof of the the EU and European capitalists’ anti-people and anti-worker policies.
The big class-oriented family of the WFTU strongly believes that the solution to the modern working class problems lies in the common struggles of immigrants and local workers from all sectors, against capital and imperialist barbarity, for a world without man by man exploitation.
In this context, we reaffirm our support and class-oriented solidarity with our Italian brothers and sisters and we stand on their side in their struggle of 15 of December.
Long live internationalist solidarity!

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