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The USB thanks the class oriented trade unions  that from around the world have sent messages of solidarity to Italy's earthquake victims.
The messages of the FSM member organizations  are talking with the universal language of fraternal solidarity that binds men and women who every day in different part of the world  are fighting for social justice.
It 's true natural disasters, such as earthquakes violent rains, and the  hurricanes they cannot be stopped but it is possible to mitigate their effects   and in the same time to put  in  safely the population and territories.
Rather than allocate funds to public deputies prevention organizations, to research, to the relief structures, the ruling classes in Italy embezzled economic resources crucial to save lives and protect the territories, choosing to direct the public richness  to the profit and private speculation.
The cuts in public spending and the privatizations pursued by all governments, in observance with the Troika devices, , They have seriously damaged the institution of the Fire Department, where thousands of temporary workers are asking forcefully to be hired, have cut funding to public health resulting in the closure of many hospitals and they have  reduced the economic and human resources of the public research that are needed to study and protect the territories.
The government Renzi is in strong declines in support, and it prepares to play in a dirty using condolences for the victims, on the one hand it promises funds and aid to the affected populations,  and on the other it confirms the economic policies leading to the economic and structural dissesto of the country,  so much to revive the YES to the referendum for  constitutional reform that allows speculators to get their hands on local public goods.
The USB through its structures in the fire brigade, health care, public sector, and with  its  militants  is engaged  in actions of solidarity and support to people affected by the earthquake.
The USB strongly denounced that the high number of victims of this earthquake is due to the governments that have so far succeeded, Governments have permitted the devastation of the territories and  that cutted the  funds for prevention and safety of the people.


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